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"I go to Prague every year if I can, value my relationships there like gold, and feel myself in a sense Czech, with all their hopes and needs. They are a people I not only love, but admire. "
~ Ellis Peters

I’ve been trying to get around to posting up a little blurb on my father along with some pictures but seem to be having an unsuccessful go of it. Right now I am sitting at the office, its 9:30 in the morning and I finished up my second breakfast for the day as I wait for a painfully slow file to work its way through my other system.

Today its going to a simple copout with regards to pictures. Once again I revisit the Europe archives and grab a few more details from the city of Olomouc. These two are details of a towering memorial that sits in the center square surrounded by fountains and beautiful architecture of the old town. The memorial has Catholic roots but it stands as a silent reminder and testament to the souls lost during one of Europe’s many plague and pestilence eras. You’ll have to forgive me as to which exact one as the lack of coffee isn’t making me the quickest processor in the office… Oh that was a terrible pun, I’m outta’ here, I hope you enjoy the pictures…

Camera :Nikon D70
Lens :Nikon 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 D
Shutter Speed :1/80
ISO :200
f-Stop :7.1
Strobes :Array
Location :Olomouc, Czech Republic
Conditions :Clear
Just Another Bridge
Perimeter Institute Mike Lazaridis
Shooting Brides
Late night grind
63rd Street Bicycle

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