Jesenik Foothills


I’m trying my best to ignore the fact that winter is all but here. I’m ignoring the fact that we had enough snow to shovel last week and it stuck around for four days and I’m also ignoring this whole days are shorter issue. Photographs of the rolling hills of the Czech country side help solidify my defiance of the facts. Also I haven’t updated the desktops page in, oh, a long time…

Shot during a break and a stretch from hauling long kilometers on narrow country roads in a 70’s diesel Benz. The view is northward, perhaps a little North West in the direction of Poland / Germany.

Camera :
Lens :
Shutter Speed :
f-Stop :
Strobes :
Location :
Conditions :
Amid The Fields
Hendrick's Gin
Sumatran Tiger
Back to the bridge towers
Overcast field
Christmas Morning in the City

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