I am little Sam


Going to try, if I get the time, to install a Win32 compatible Linux build tonight. The reason for this little step into the linux world is for browser testing. I am seeing that the Konqueror & Safari browsers are creeping up in the statistics and its time to add K to the list of top 5 browsers to build for, well I guess it will be top 6 now. Safari is still dedicated to the Macintosh platform but at least from my research it uses some of the components from K… bah! If all the browser developers could agree on how to interpret HTML and CSS markup language then this really wouldn’t be necessary.

Little Samantha whose claim to fame at this point is her “bum-scootch” mode of locomotion. I’ve heard, though not seen, that she can motor at decent pace using this method and ending up under foot sooner than anticipated.  This is from a small impromptu photo shoot for a child care center.  They’re handing prints of these out to parents as a portion of some Christmas package.

Camera :
Lens :
Shutter Speed :
f-Stop :
Strobes :
Location :
Conditions :
Jesenik Foothills
Late Evening Mist
Overcast field
Paula Kulich
We Know Whose Cupcake This Is
Men at Work

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