At the New England Aquarium

"No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin who inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal."
~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

A resident of the New England Aquarium stares back through the lens as I snapped this photograph. I originally set about shooting with the 70-200mm but found that I was having focus issues because of the distortion being created by the way the side walls of each aquarium were ground. I switched out to the 50mm and everything improved. It appeared to me as though the walls of each aquarium were designed to magnify the residence of the tank. I could be wrong.

I can’t remember exactly what kind of fish this is so anyone in the know just drop a comment.

Camera :Nikon D70
Lens :Nikon 50mm f/1.4 D
Shutter Speed :1/60
ISO :640
f-Stop :5
Strobes :Array
Location :New England Aquarium, Boston, USA
Conditions :Indoors
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