Mouth Wide Open, Hippo


We went to the Toronto Zoo over the weekend and as always the camera was in tow. Even with the on again off again rain it was a great day.

This shot just happened, the hippo was spending most of the time with just the top of the head exposed when there was a sudden flurry of activity, a great big yawn with jowls exposed for the whole crowd to see and then back to staring at the crowds with just the eyes and snout breaking the surface of the swimming hole.

Camera :Nikon D70
Lens :Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR
Shutter Speed :1/250
ISO :400
f-Stop :9
Strobes :Array
Location :Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Conditions :Clear
Down by the river
GO-ing to Work
Men at Work
Old Barn
A view from the powder tower
That Fading Flower
Winters Thaw
Through the Fence and Thistles

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