West Caucasian tur

"As you may know, some of the stereotyped behaviors exhibited by autistic children are also found in zoo animals who are raised in a barren environment. "
~ Temple Grandin

When I saw this bearded fellow, a West Caucasian tur, resting on his outcrop I saw a painting. I make no claim that my photographs rival any great art pieces but the composition was fitting for a painting. Plus the monochromatic nature of the photograph and abundance of textures worked for me.

Having been a little higher up would have helped make the shot a little more interesting but I am not about to drag a small ladder around the zoo.

I’ve left the photo a little tinted toward the earth tones from its true color.

Camera :Nikon D700
Lens :Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR
Shutter Speed :1/250
ISO :320
f-Stop :7
Strobes :
Location :Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Conditions :Overcast
Thunder & lightning over Prague
Dry Goldenrod
Lightning Over Halton Hills
Bunny Weight
Its not easy being green
From within the Tower
Above the clouds
Late Evening Mist
We Know Whose Cupcake This Is

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