Overcast field

"We are only beginning to learn what to say in a photograph. The world we live in is a succession of fleeting moments, any one of which might say something significant."
~ Alfred Eisenstaedt

This was more or less a jump out of the car even though you are late and take the picture moment. Something about the colors caught my eye and made me quickly pull over a take a few shots before rushing on my way.

Camera :Nikon D70
Lens :Nikon 12-24mm f/4 AF-S DX
Shutter Speed :1/125
ISO :320
f-Stop :18
Strobes :
Location :Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada
Conditions :Cloudy
By the Bridge
Overcast Toronto
By the stream in Jesenik
Sumatran Tiger
An Ever Changing Skyline
Back to the bridge towers
Hamilton Harbour Haze
Lowville Trail October 2011
From within the Tower

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