Down on 17th Side-road

"I inherited that calm from my father, who was a farmer. You sow, you wait for good or bad weather, you harvest, but working is something you always need to do."

I’ve been getting back on the bike this year and pedaling my way across the local country side. This is after years of barely riding which was preceded by my late teens and early twenties where 100km plus bike rides were the weekend norm. So of course I am nowhere near that fitness, endurance, strength or ability to recover over night. However it affords me the ability to lug my camera around and not worry about parking the car, drawing attention to myself and clearly I can off-road it.

This spot is down on 17th Side-road. Just a farmers field with the hydro running through it. Long exposure with a tripod after the sun had dropped out of sight. This spot is great for fireflies at night. I’ve added this to the desktops by the way. Too lazy to link, so click at the top, find landscape related shots and you’re done.

Good long weekend to all Canucks.

Camera :Nikon D200
Lens :Sigma 18-50mm DC f/2.8 EX
Shutter Speed :3
ISO :100
f-Stop :22
Strobes :Array
Location :Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
Conditions :Clear
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