Train to somewhere

"And there is the headlight, shining far down the track, glinting off the steel rails that, like all parallel lines, will meet in infinity, which is after all where this train is going."
~ Bruce Catton

This station always draws me back. I have been cautioned about its transients, filth and disrepair. I’ve been told its ugly and an eyesore. I’m always drawn back though. Standing on the platform watching the morning trains roll in and out I can’t help but feel the desire to step on a car and end up somewhere.

Luck really. Two trains of the same color at roughly the same spot allowed for some symmetry in this image.

Today I am reminded of the song “Somewhere (A Place for Us)” from “West Side Story”.

Camera :Nikon D200
Lens :Nikon 28-105 mm Macro AF f/3.5-4.5 D
Shutter Speed :1/2
ISO :100
f-Stop :29
Strobes :Array
Location :Prague, Czech Republic
Conditions :Clear
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