On Memory

"In a top of intelligence, humans are followed by apes, elephants and dolphins. The elephant brain is denser than the human's, and the temporal lobes, associated to memory, are more developed than in humans. Elephant's lobes also have more foldings, so that they can store more information. That's why elephants have excellent memory. "
~ Softpedia.com

At the Zoo, cause there are no safari trips in my near future.  I used a tripod on this one.  I wouldn’t say it was required by any stretch, especially with the VR 70-200mm.  However I was playing around with the 80-200mm which, on any digital, is a full manual camera.  Manual f, manuals focus.  I’m also trying to get in the habit of getting out the tripod when the subject allows.  Increases my ability to shoot at slower speeds with greater f and optimal ISO settings.  Yes, I realize that for a casual Zoo shot I’m doing too much.

On a personal note.  Between renovation project, work and work and seasonal property requirements.  I could use a bit of elephantine memory right now!  I suck at lists outside of my day job.

Camera :Nikon D700
Lens :Nikon 80-200mm f/4 AI-s
Shutter Speed :1/160
ISO :125
f-Stop :9
Strobes :Array
Location :Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Conditions :Clear, light haze
Monarch Butterfly
Cambridge Fountain
Amid The Fields
Early Morning Portrait
Dry Goldenrod
Shooting Brides


November 24, 2009 at 6:05 pm

Perhaps you’re doing too much, but the result is very good! Congratulations.

December 8, 2009 at 7:57 am

Thank you Pablo and thanks for visiting.

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